Q&A with John Donaldson: Technical Director

Q&A with John Donaldson: Technical Director

At Fine Controls, we've always prided ourselves on our technical ability as a solutions provider and feel with the extensive knowledge we have within our team, we're always able to help answer queries and solve the various challenges our customers face- despite how technical they may appear!

Our Technical Director, John Donaldson, pictured above, has been a core member of the team for over 23 years. So we thought it would only be fair to shine a spotlight on him to reveal all you need to know about him and his role.

What is your industry background?

I began my career in the engineering industry over 40 years ago and joined Fine Controls over 23 years ago as the Technical Manager, with a brief to enhance our product offering.

Prior to joining Fine Controls, I had worked in various industries, including Marine, Power Generation, Petrochem, Paper and Pulp, etc.

What challenges do you face as a Technical Director?

As Fine Controls' Technical Director, I am frequently challenged to come up with innovative solutions for an extremely wide range of products and services. Previous examples have ranged from fatigue testing on fighter aircraft to vacuum control systems for silicon chip manufacturing.

What do you enjoy about working at Fine Controls?

Our customers are just as diverse, from Formula 1 teams to Rail System suppliers, from shipping to satellite builders. In fact, it is difficult to think of an industry that we haven't been involved in, with solutions drawn from our extensive range of core products. That's what makes it so exciting to work here as we're always looking forward to the next challenge.

If you can't find the right part or you have a technical question you'd like to discuss with our engineers, please do give us a call on (0) 800 328 8511or send an email to sales@finecontrols.com.

On behalf of everyone at Fine Controls, we'd like to say a big thank you to John for all his hard work over the last 23+ years in helping all our customers get the very best engineering advice and support.

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