Q&A with Andrew Davies: Sales

Fine Controls, a specialist in-process controls and instrumentation equipment, have built up extensive industry knowledge since their inception in 1994. Andrew Davies has been with Fine Controls since 2003, so he built up a solid knowledge of the industry, and has been an integral part of the team ever since. We sat down with Andrew to find out how he made his way into the process control and instrumentation industry.

What is your industry background?

I joined Fine Controls back in 2003 a short while after my work experience. I found it exciting, and it was my first real taste of the industry. I started with some basic everyday tasks, including goods receiving and dispatch along with general office duties, but I enjoyed my time, so I was delighted when I got offered an apprentice position.

What were the early days like at Fine Controls?

My apprenticeship provided me with some really valuable knowledge. I was carrying out tasks such as conversions of pressure regulators, valves and calibrations. It taught me about the high-quality products coming in and out of the Fine Controls’ door daily, something that helps me in my career today.

What do you enjoy about working at Fine Controls?

There are plenty of opportunities to grow your career how you want to if you put the work in. I have been around Fine Controls and done it all, and it helped me to understand the business. I’ve been the in-house specialist for testing high-performance vacuum regulators right through to sitting on the sales team today.

What does a typical day look like for you in 2019?

I spend my time helping customers find process control and instrument solutions for their applications. I spend the bulk of my time dealing with Siemens and Bourdon instrumentation. Most recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Siemens in Worcester for training and new product discussions, something that has helped me when I come back to the office.

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