New Siemens LR100 radar transmitters

New Siemens LR100 radar transmitters

Fine Controls is excited to introduce the Siemens Sitrans LR100 series 80 GHz radar transmitters.

These compact, versatile transmitters take reliability and convenience to a new level. Siemens describes the Sitrans LR100 series as the “latest advancement in non-contacting level measurement”, and it is easy to understand why.




Wireless technology

These transmitters go beyond level measurement. HART 7.0, or optional Modbus RTU, allows you to integrate your data into your control system, and gives you remote access to critical field data.

Bluetooth wireless technology, paired with Mobile IQ on your smart device will let you get up and running in record time. And allows you to access critical data remotely. 





Robust and reliable

The Sitrans LR100 series has a number of features designed to deliver the most reliable, hassle free performance possible:

  • Features a narrow beam for flexible installations in existing vessel openings; or it can be used non-intrusively through plastic vessels.
  • The custom radar microchip is sensitive enough to deal with even the most challenging environments, even in signal killing conditions like condensation, buildup or fluffy solids. 
  • Built-in auto false echo suppression ensures the most accurate readings.
  • In remote areas connected to the Sitrans RTU3030C remote terminal unit, remote servicing can be performed.
  • It’s all wrapped in an IP68 submersible housing constructed of corrosion resistant PVDF.





Sitrans LR100 series reduces workers' exposure to hazardous situations. No more climbing tanks, or leaning out over sumps. Wireless data capture eliminates the need for manual measurement techniques.

Additionally, zero-meter blanking distance allows measurement right up to the sensor. This, combined with 2mm accuracy avoids overfilling, and enhances operational safety.



Embrace the proven. Welcome the new.

It’s an extremely exciting time in the industry; moving forward IoT technology will continue to offer opportunities for safer, more reliable working environments.

The Siemens Sitrans LR100 series is truly the next evolution in radar level measurement transmitters. 

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