Iconic Siemens Moore Products Now Available

Iconic Siemens Moore Products Now Available

As one of the UK's leading suppliers of process instrumentation and controls, we have formed partnerships with some of the world's leading manufacturers, including Siemens, a leading pioneer in engineering and control solutions across a range of industries.

We have been working as Siemens UK leading distributor of process instrumentation supplies for several years, and we have strengthened this partnership further, introducing a range of new pressure regulators and pneumatic equipment, known historically has the Siemens Moore range of products.

What is the Siemens Moore range?

The term ‘Siemens Moore' technically no longer exists because the products are now simply branded as Siemens. However, many people within the industry still refer to the extremely high-quality and popular range under this term. The name was originally coined from a Siemens acquisition of Moore Process Automation Solutions at the turn of the Millennium.

What products are available?

As a leading UK distributor of Siemens products, we're always working with our partners to provide the very best and cost-efficient process control instrumentation, so adding the iconic Siemens Moore range was the obvious next step in providing Fine Controls customers with the best products.

We've introduced the following products:

If you're looking for something in particular, please get in touch. As official distributors, we can get it.

Gareth Hall - Sales Direct at Fine Controls

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