Fine Controls Staff 20th Anniversary White Water Rafting Trip

Fine Controls Staff 20th Anniversary White Water Rafting Trip

As you may know, it was Fine Controls' 20th Anniversary earlier this year in April. We celebrated with a staff night out at 'Christakis Greek Taverna' in Liverpool at the time but also decided a 'Nice Team Building Exercise' would be fun too!

It was decided that we'd go White Water Rafting on Saturday 19th July in Bala, Wales. First thoughts were 'Girls against Boys' but we all know it would be too easy a victory for the girls! So instead, two mixed teams of Fine Controls' finest are set to go head to head (in rubber dinghies, dressed in skin-tight latex) for the coveted WINNERS title and of course, the right to claim superiority over the losing team for years to come!

So if you'd like to place any orders with us, I'd do so before the weekend, 'cos who knows how many staff will come back?!

Check back with us soon to see photos and videos from the day!

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