Burkert release new range of Process control valves

Burkert release new range of Process control valves

Originally founded in Germany over 70 years ago by Christian Burkert, Burkert is one of the leading manufacturers for process control and measuring systems.

As one of the UK's main distributors, we offer both manual and pneumatic valve packages, to suit all applications, alongside an extensive range of ancillary parts for a truly all under one roof service, with a 2-3 day delivery promise as standard.

A new range of products

Burkert has expanded their range of process control products with us by introducing an exclusive range of ball and butterfly valves - used to restrict and control the flow of fluids - including pneumatic and electrically controlled valve packages to suit all applications.

Alongside the extensive range of valves, Burkert now offers a selection of ancillary parts including pilot solenoid valves, switch boxes, valve positioners and electrically controlled v notch ball, which also can be fitted with an electro-pneumatic actuator.

What's the difference between a ball and a butterfly valve?

Both the ball and butterfly valve have some strong similarities, including both featuring a quarter-turn rotary valve and they are used to control most types of gases and liquids across a wide range of temperatures and pressures.

Ball valves

In its simplest terms, a ball valve is a ball with a hole running through it and turning the valve will change the position of the ball will either block, partially block or complete the line of flow through the valve.

Butterfly valves

A butterfly valve is a disk mounted on a rotating shaft, and when fully closed, the disk will fully block the flow line if fully opened or partially block is the disk is positioned at an angle.

The differences

Typically ball valves are a more reliable seal as it will fully restrict the flow, so perfect for controlling gas flows, whereas, butterfly valves will are common in large volume water systems or controlling dirty liquid applications.

Each application has its own specific requirements, and our experts will help you identify the correct part for the job. For expert knowledge on any of our products, call the leading Burkert Distributors today on 0151 343 9966 or email sales@finecontrols.com.

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