Burkert is expanding its line of modular measuring and control instruments with versatile multiCELL transmitters/controllers for use with different sensor types. MultiCELL can be adapted to different applications and used for measuring flow rate, pH, ORP or conductivity, for example.

The multiCELL multichannel transmitter/controller from Burkert is a complete, highly versatile analysis measuring system for diverse areas of application, including water treatment, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals. It consists of a full-featured basic modular unit whose functions can be individually enhanced as needed by adding hardware and software. The basic unit is already equipped with a large backlit display, user-friendly soft-key controls, two digital and frequency inputs, direct connections for various sensor types, as well as two digital and two analogue outputs.

Depending on signal requirements, up to six pre-configured I/O boards can be added. Software packages can be installed for further enhancements of the transmitter functions. The advantage for users is that they pay only for the features that are needed. Since the multiCELL enables the use of a standard transmitter type for different applications, such as analysis measuring technology for pH and conductivity, or flow rate measurement, the costs for employee training and warehousing of different variants are also reduced. The unit is ideal for multi-variable measurements in combination with multichannel control functions and can be used as a data logger.

Facts & Data

MultiCELL multichannel transmitter/controller:

  • Large graphic display with backlighting
  • Mainboard with power supply, 2 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs and 2 analogue outputs
  • Modular expansion with up to 6 I/O boards
  • Flow rate measurement via pulse input
  • Integrated temperature compensation for analytical measurements
  • Integrated test function for all I/Os
  • Storage of calibration and min/max values via SD card slot
  • Multipoint data logger with storage on SD card
  • Intuitive, user-friendly control via soft-keys, like those on a cell phone

Expansion through optional software packages:

  • Flow rate measurement parallel to analytical measurement PID control
  • Data logger
  • Dosing of chemicals
  • Concentration tables for selected fluids