Burkert nominated for Hermes 2014 Award with new FLOwave flow me

Bürkert has been nominated for the Hermes technology award with their new flow meter product the FLOWave, a flow meter for use in pipelines. It is the world’s first surface acoustic wave device for measuring fluid flow rates and characteristics in stainless steel pipes that does not involve the insertion or placement of sensor components inside the measurement channel.

The acoustic waves are generated along the interior surface of the pipe by a specially developed piezoelectric interdigital transducer. The measuring elements do not come into contact with the fluid medium and therefore don't suffer from wear and tear on demanding duties. The measurement channel is not narrowed or obstructed in any way because no moving or fixed components protrude into it. The device thus has very low maintenance costs and is suited to a wide range of uses, particularly hygiene applications. Burkert believe The FLOwave is set to revolutionise flow measurement with in the process industry.