Bourdon's Back!

Fine Controls is pleased to announce the return of the original Bourdon brand and our appointment as the official distributor of the Bourdon range of measurement instruments!

The Baumer Group presents the original Bourdon® as a leading brand for the mechanical process instrumentation. With this famous history, Bourdon® is a technology leader in the manometer sector. As a manufacturer of mechanical and electronic measuring instruments, the Baumer brand is synonymous for the highest standards and quality. Bourdon offers customers a broad product portfolio of standardised and customised solutions for process instrumentation. This includes a wide range of thermometers, pressure gauges, pressure switches, differential pressure gauges, differential pressure switches, temperature switches, seals and accessories including thermo-wells, manifolds and tubes. In short: Process instrument solution for every production process.

For more information on the complete range of Bourdon products we have to offer please click here or call our sales office on 0151 343 9966

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