BigFLOW Meters are a perfect alternative to a VA Meter

BigFLOW Meters are a perfect alternative to a VA Meter

We recently had a visit from Clive Halliday from Burkert who had two interesting new products to show us. After a few hours talking about and playing around with the demo units our sales team were really impressed!

The BigFlow series includes two flow meters, firstly the Type 8007 for use on gases and installation into existing pipework. The 8007 ranges in size from 1/2" to 12" and can be used on air, nitrogen, oxygen, natural gas, methane, hydrogen and argon. It's features include a stainless steel body, polycarbonate electrical housing, 4/20mA output and an operating pressure of up to 50 bar.

The Type 8008 is a flow meter for thermal mass flow measurement. Benefits include pipe sizes of 1/2" up to 2", 4-20mA output, a stainless steel body and polycarbonate electrical housing. The max operating pressure as standard is 16 bar but on request this can be up to 40 bar. The 8008 can be used on the same media as the 8007 with the addition of carbon dioxide.

If you would like more info on the BigFlow series please click here or alternatively give our sales office a call on 0151 343 9966

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