Are You Using Smart Valve Positioners to Their Full Potential?

Are You Using Smart Valve Positioners to Their Full Potential?

All companies want to upgrade their plants to become more competitive and to keep up with modern advancements in technology. For instance, this includes using smart valve positioners. They’re a device that can be beneficial for a variety of industries, including energy and manufacturing.

But, one problem we’ve identified is that not a lot of companies know how to utilise smart valve positioners to their full potential. They can provide you with a wealth of useful information and allow more efficiency in your plant or factory.

In other words, businesses are upgrading to smart valve positioners without actually knowing how useful they can be. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using smart valve positioners when they are used to their full potential and what you can enjoy as an end-user.

Enjoy Improved Valve Performance

Every company’s main priority is productivity. They want to be as productive as possible in order to make money. Smart valve positioners are accessories that are able to improve productivity and not a lot of people realise just how useful they can be.

They are going to communicate data to you on the state of the valve. In other words, it has the job of constantly monitoring its performance. If this performance starts to deteriorate, it is going to report this information to you, whether that is too much stiction or hysteresis. This can allow you to fix the issue before it becomes a bigger problem for the plant. The last thing you want is lost production and having to shut down. Even reduced efficiency will increase outgoings. Therefore, using smart valve positioners correctly is going to make processes easier and allow you to keep your eye on any concerns.

Automated Calibration Allows More Accuracy

If you discover that you have analogue valve positioners and want to upgrade more to smart valve positioners, this is a more cost-effective switch than you may have thought. Indeed, there is going to be an initial investment. But this is significantly less than other devices, accounting for around 20 percent of the lifecycle cost.

But where smart valve positioners really thrive is with calibration and set up. They are simple to set up, with calibration and installation all done electronically. There is less risk for human error, as well as being a quicker process so that you can take advantage of all the other benefits of smart valve positioners. For instance, calibrating an analogue valve positioner is quite difficult. Yet, a smart valve positioner is going to self-calibrate. You can also make sure that all of the smart positioners you have are calibrated exactly like the others.

Predict Maintenance Ahead of Time

A lot of companies wish they knew about maintenance ahead of time. After all, this can slow down production and cause delays when it is unexpected. The great thing about smart valve positioners is that you can plan for maintenance ahead of time. This means that you do not have to lose money and shut down operations unexpectedly. You are able to monitor everything from valve friction to its temperature thanks to the real-time data provided by smart positioners. This can avoid emergency repairs that cause problems, as well as save expenses.

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