6 Reasons Its Essential to Select the Right Size Valve

6 Reasons Its Essential to Select the Right Size Valve

Selecting your valve size is a performance-critical task. It affects not only how much flow can pass through but it also ascertains the flow coefficient.

There are many reasons getting the valve size right is so important, here we outline 6 of the most important reasons to remember

  • 1. Quieter operation
  • 2. Accuracy of flow control
  • 3. Longer lasting
  • 4. Leak protection
  • 5. Convenience
  • And last but certainly not least.. 6. Expense


Many problems can occur if a valve is too big or too small, even if it's just a bit off - don't make do, it has to be just right!

What if my valve is too small?

A too-small valve means first and foremost there won't be enough flow through the valve. This leads to the system increases the pressure of the pump to overcompensate, which then gives a higher differential pressure across the valve.

Further to this, a sudden drop in pressure will occur upon leaving the valve, and this will cause cavitation - where the liquid will flash and bubble. This creates vibration and turbulence, which will erode the seats and seals, as well as weakening joints - causing leaks and significantly reducing the life of the valve.

These vibrations can also carry as sound throughout the whole system.

What is my valve is too big?

While oversized valves aren't as high risk when it comes to damaging the system overall, there are still large risks associated with controllability issues which arise when using an oversized valve.

This can become a huge issue, especially when using a modulating control valve. To achieve the required flow change, it may need more compelling position changes.

Problems can also arise as a result of valve hunting and overshooting continually, which can wear out the valve and actuator prematurely.

So, how do I make sure my valve is the right size?

There's lots of help and advice available to help you find the right valve size, and it's worth making the most of this help - it could save you in the long run!

There are online resources available, like forums, help guides, youtube tutorials, as well as software like the Jordan Valve JVCV Valve Sizing Software, which is designed to help engineers quickly and accurately determine the correct Jordan Valve size for their system.

If you prefer the human touch, our friendly and knowledgeable team can advise on and direct you to the right valve size for you. You can reach them on 0151 343 9966, email sales@finecontrols.com or tweet us @FineControlsUK, and we'll get back to you.

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