As the official UK distributor for the Rotork Midland product range of quick exhaust valves and shuttle valves.

Quick Exhaust Valves
We offer a range of 316L quick exhaust valves manufactured and certified to NACE standards MR-01-75. Suitable for use on gases and liquids these units allow the quick relief of a system pressure to allow and actuator, cylinder or valve to return quickly.   

Shuttle Valves
Our range of 316 stainless steel shuttle valves are ideal for pneumatic or low pressure hydraulic systems in ¼”. Our stainless-steel Shuttle Valve is a two inlet, one outlet device utilizing a free moving shuttle which blocks one of two inlet ports while allowing the unblocked inlet port to flow to the outlet. When a pressure signal is applied to one of the inlet ports, the shuttle shifts blocking off the opposite inlet port and flow exits through the outlet.


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