Fairchild Panel Loading Stations

Fine Controls can supply the entire range of panel loading stations and mini panel-loading stations from Fairchild, with some versions available to buy through our online store.

Recommended Models:

PL5 & PL8

The PL-5 includes a pressure regulator (Model 10, Model 30, Model 64/65, or Model 81) and a standard pressure gage that allows an operator to set and read pressure at the panel.

The PLT-8 includes a regulator (Model 10, Model 30, or Model 64A/65A) and a three-way valve that allows operator to monitor the process in manual or automatic mode.

MPL-70 and MPLT-70

These models are mini-panel loading ideally suited for applications with limited space. The Model MPL-70 includes a Model 70B sub-miniature regulator and a mini-strip gage to set and read pressure at the panel.

For more information on panel-loading stations or any other products within the Fairchild range please feel free to contact us here or give our sales team a call on +44 (0) 800 328 8511.

We also provide additional engineering services including calibration and repair and bespoke system designs.


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