Landon Kingsway Lk-Gsp4 - Gas Detection System

Model Number: LK-GSP4

The IP54/Sensor 10 heads should be mounted either on a vertical wall or the ceiling facing downwards, this is so dust does not settle on the sensor vent. The electrical connection is made to terminals inside the sensor. When the remote sensor or sensors detect the presence of the target gas (Natural, Carbon Monoxide or LP) a signal will be sent back to the panel, the panel then sends a signal to close the gas solenoid valve shutting off the gas supply. The panel will then indicate which zone is in alarm. Once the problem has been rectified the reset button is pressed and the panel should indicate zone on. If there is still gas present in the area (zone) the panel will go into alarm once again.

  • LED Design
  • Natural gas detector
  • LPG detector
  • Carbon Monoxide detector

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