Landon Kingsway Lk-Gms - Gas Proving System

Model Number: LK-GMS

The LKGMS controller is a fully automatic pressure proving system that will check out pipework and determine if there is a system leak. Typical installations would be 27mBar and 38mBar systems. The control panel will when turned on, energise the gas supply valve for a short period of time and then perform a series of tests on the pressure in the pipework. From the result of these tests the control panel will declare the pipework leak-tight or not. This is indicated by one of two lights on the control panel. If the pipework is declared leak-tight, then the gas supply valve is energised.

Please note This Product is no longer Available

  • Supply Voltage 230V AC
  • Power 30VA + valve
  • Protection Rating IP54
  • Temperature range -10°C to +50°C

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