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Valve Sizing Software from Jordan Valve

The Jordan Valve JVCV application-run, web based utility program is now available for free download. Designed for engineers, the JVCV is a valve sizing program that has been developed to help you quickly and accurately determine the flow coefficient of a valve so that you can choose the proper Jordan valve for your application. The software works to determine the correct valve size needed for valves from any manufacturer. The new program will warn if cavitation flow is present, whether you have flashing flow or not, and will calculate noise level per IEC standards.

The new web-based JVCV works on almost all computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. As long as you have access to the internet, you will be able to use the JVCV program. It is not necessary to download any programs or files. The reports generated are available online, as PDF files that you can download, as well as Excel spreadsheets.

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Jordan Valve Sizing Software

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