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Oliver Valve

Here at Fine Controls we always look to stock the best of the best throughout our product range, and that's why we stock Oliver Valves Needle Isolation Valves and Manifolds.

Since formation in the late 1970's, Oliver Valves have been at the forefront of Needle Valve technology, and have always pioneered the Needle Valve concept.

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Now, they manufacture the most unique valves on the market, boasting a diverse range of features and added extras, all designed to ensure maximum efficiency in the oil and gas extraction process, while maintaining true reliability and safety under high pressure.

With a rich history of cutting edge flow control technologies spanning over 35 years, Oliver Valves have cemented themselves globally as one of the leading and most trusted manufacturers of instrumentation valves.

Specialising primarily in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries, their stainless steel valves and manifolds are designed to give long service life in a variety of service conditions.

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